about me



My name is Nancy, I’m an illustrator and product maker from Essex, now living by the sea with my lovely Wife in Margate, UK. 


I LOVE chocolate…anything chocolate, wearing socks, mr blobby (my love for him hasn’t changed since 1994), the colour combo pink and red, punny jokes, swimming in the sea, karaoke (even though I am the worst at it), collecting PEZ and accumulating cute stationery.  


Please Bear With started as a little illustration based project to pull myself out of a creative slump. It’s called Please Bear With, as a literal message to give me a moment while I find my love for drawing again. I found myself drawing lots of cartoon bears inspired by my interests in Japanese kawaii culture, before the loveable pink bear you see here today was born.  And guess what…before long my love of drawing returned and discovering how fun it was to share this sweet-toothed fluffy bear with you all lit a new fire in my soul. The maker in me couldn’t hold back and my mind whirled with ideas for products. Each and every item I can promise you is made with love, passion and so much appreciation! Whether you are here to enjoy my art or to take a piece of it home with you, I thank you so so much for your support… it means the world!! 


Fancy a collab? or just a chat? Get in touch by email  pleasebearwith@gmail.com or fill out the contact form. I'd love to hear from you! 


You can also find me on instagram @please_bear_with